BEAT-DAY 2024 - Teaser

BEAT-DAY 2024 – Packo Gualandris’ Birthday

BEAT-DAY 2024 – Packo Gualandris‘ Birthday

🎉 Let’s get ready to celebrate in style as we come together to honor the birthday of the one and only Packo Gualandris at BEAT-DAY 2024! Join us for an electrifying night of electronic music, from pulsating house beats to hypnotic techno rhythms, guaranteed to keep you grooving until the early hours.

🎧 Featuring an epic lineup of talented DJs from near and far, BEAT-DAY 2024 promises an unforgettable journey through the sounds of the underground. Prepare to be immersed in the sonic landscapes curated by an eclectic mix of artists, including the Czech sensation LUCASCH, alongside the birthday boy himself, Packo Gualandris.


🎶 Line-Up 🎶

🔹LUCASCH (Czech Republic)
🔹Packo Gualandris
🔹Wattoom (CZ)
🔹Dr. Gonzo
🔹DJ Sav
🔹ND Catani
🔹Sveni Delux

📍 Location: GROUND Luxembourg
🏠 Address: 48 rue de Hollerich, Luxembourg
📅Date: Friday 06.07.2024
🕙 Time: 22:00h-06:00h

Prepare to lose yourself on the dance floor as we celebrate the magic of music and the birthday of one of our own. Let the beats guide you and the energy of the crowd lift you higher at BEAT-DAY 2024!