Flow Music Festival 2023

Flow Music Festival 2023

Packo Gualandris will play a DJ set at the Flow Music Festival 2023 in the beautiful Park Um Belval, Luxembourg – on Friday July 21th.

ALL INFOS: www.flowfestival.lu



Them Lights is a dark tunnel of 80s reminiscence flashes and modern electronica. Multi-instrumentalist, producer, singer and songwriter Sacha Hanlet correlates in a wide range of genres from pulsating electronica, dark pop to soulful R’n’B.Having toured the world as the drummer of the math-rock band Mutiny On The Bounty for almost two decades, it wasn’t until 2017 that he started to produce his very own sounds and explore his eternal love for arpeggios, 80’s synthesizers and groove.


She grew up in Esch-Sur-Alzette, now lives just over the border in Belgium, and has been one of the more exciting talents coming out of the Grand Duchy over the last decade.

Her sound has taken her to clubs and festivals all over Europe such as Mauerpfeiffer, Ruhr in Love, Nature One & The Warehouse in Lisbon to name a few. She describes her sound as a combination of ‘Intelligent and Raw Techno’. A driving sound that will definitely take you on a journey.


Packo Gualandris is one of the most successful electronic music exports from Luxembourg. Spinning records since 1999, he is renowned for his high quality Tech-House, Progressive House & Techno sets that guarantee the transformation of the crowd into a wildly energetic dancing bundle, Europe-wide!

As the owner of the Oberkorn Studios, he does compose, produce, mix and master music on a daily basis. Packo’s debut album “FREE” released in April 2018 and his very successful EP “Completly Dangerous” released on Lauter Unfug highlight his highly versatile skills.


The X is a Luxembourg based Electropop duo founded in 2021 by Sarah Kertz (Keys, Vocals) and Yannick Stein (Guitar, Vocals).

Inspired by the 80’s, the modulated guitars, dreamy vocals, deep beats, sombre melodies and abstract soundscapes will take you to a unique universe bittersweet futuristic and nostalgic…


Luxembourg-DJ born duo Shania and Charlotte have been best friends for over 20 years. Two short years ago, they both decided to play music together and share their passion.

The girls first discovered their love for electronic music in 2017 at a Jet Hangar festival with an all female line-up in South Africa. Shortly after this, they got inspired to start investing time and energy into creating their own sets. Their aim is to spice up the Luxembourgish music scene by introducing more female energy into the city’s nightlife. 

Living in Madrid and Vienna, they both work on different projects, however, they already had the chance to play at some bigger events in their hometown Luxembourg City, among other events also for Ultraschall Collective. 


This isn’t your average DJ. This is a multifaceted being that spins mesmerizing and melodic techno music that spans from bright to dark. Morfaz is a musical wanderer who delves into experimental structures that immerse listeners in captivating narratives and atmospheres. His self-designed mask is his trademark. He left a lasting impression on the jury during our open call, and got one of three slots for newcomers.

The Flow Music Festival 2023 has a lot to offer and is based on promoting and supporting National Artists (Luxembourg)
Find the complete line up for the 4 days here: www.flowfestival.lu