Packo Gualandris - It's a New Day (2022 Remaster)

It’s a New Day (2022 Remaster)

It’s a New Day (2022 Remaster) – Release Dates and more info!

“It’s a New Day” was released a few years ago by Packo Gualandris. But only inofficially on a few sites like YouTube and Soundcloud. The melodic electronic track has a lovely piano melody going on through the whole track. And one of the first tracks that includes vocals by Packo himself. 🙂

Now in 2022 Packo Gualandris decided to republish a newly re-mixed and re-mastered version of the song.

The reason is simple yet special and beautiful. His son Lil Jsa did a fantastic Emo Rap Remake! It includes completely new lyrics and the track was rearranged in a really nice and unpredictable way. That’s what brings us the only logical step: a double release! 🙂

First It’s a New Day (2022 Remaster) will see the daylight on 4. February 2022 – On Packo’s own label Overjoy Records.Packo Gualandris - It's a New Day (2022 Remaster)

Exactly one week later, 11. February 2022, Lil Jsa’s Emo Rap Remake will be released on Sadboyzz. More about that in a later post!
Packo Gualandris - It's a New Day (Lil Jsa Emo Rap Remake)


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