Packo Gualandris Radio 100,7 Oberkorn Studios 2022

Packo Gualandris Interview @ Radio 100,7 Luxembourg

Packo Gualandris Interview @ Radio 100,7 Luxembourg

Yves Stephany from Radio 100,7 Luxembourg visited Packo Gualandris at the Oberkorn Studios for an intimate interview. He’s giving insight into his daily studio working process, uncut and unfiltered.

Packo talked about how he came to electronic music when discovering events like the Love Parade or Mayday on TV. And how as a DJ he changed and evolved from Rave to Techno over Trance to his now actual genres Melodic Techno & Progressive House.

He talks about his new release “It’s a New Day”. And about the Emo Rap Remake by his son Lil Jsa. Both versions are being released in February 2022.

At first the Original 2022 Remastered version on Friday 4th February 2022 on Overjoy Records.
One week later Lil Jsa’s Emo Rap Remake is coming on Sadboyzz on Friday 11th February 2022.

Then he talks about his process of finding new ideas which often happens in the bathroom. Probably because it’s the only part of the day where he’s not distracted by social medias or anything else . First he records the idea into his mobile phone, mostly singing in his so-called “Phantasy English” and then brings the idea to the studio where it’s then processed.

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