Pitter Patter – Techno Horror Movie!

Pitter Patter – Techno Horror Movie!!


I teamed up again with female singer Tally Tally and this time we have put together something very particular! The goal was to try out something completely new … and “Pitter Patter” is the result!

Pitter Patter is a dark and creepy Techno track including the wonderful voice of Tally Tally. This time she is more talking than singing and completely playing the role of a fearful girl walking alone in the dark woods.

“It’s a spooky Techno Track incl. video clip that tells a really dark story about a girl walking alone in the dark night. It’s raining and she suddenly hears footsteps behind her…”

Call it Horror or Thriller, this one is definitely not for the faint-hearted. You have been warned! 🙂

Official release date: 31.07.2021
Label: Ipsographic Records

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Pitter Patter official video clip – The Techno Horror Movie!

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